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We Will Not Be Silenced - Cleveland FIST Communique

Cleveland FIST Statement on the Suppression of Our Free Speech Rights

Cleveland FIST wishes to publicly raise its voice in opposition to the fact that the College Democrats violated the free speech rights of Brittany Dulay and Caleb T. Maupin on August 28th.

Caleb T. Maupin, and Brittany Dulay, two members of Cleveland FIST went to Findley Hall at Baldwin-Wallace College, where they are both enrolled. They went to the hall in order to distribute literature for the upcoming Cleveland FIST forum entitled “What’s Behind the U.S. War Drive?”

The literature in no way attacked Barack Obama or the Democratic Party. The single leaflet merely contained information about the upcoming event.

The event hadn’t started yet, and Maupin and Dulay were distributing literature throughout the area where people were gathering, which was a public area in the Findley dorm. In no way did Maupin or Dulay disrupt the event, which hadn’t even started yet. Dulay and Maupin merely distributed their literature exercising their “right to free speech.”

However, a leader of the College Democrats told the two FIST members that they couldn’t distribute literature claiming that it was “their event.”

When Maupin pointed out that the literature in no way attacked Barack Obama or the Democratic Party, the democrat responded that it was “confusing causes.”

The event started to begin and Maupin and Dulay left.

Confusing Causes

The democrat was dead wrong when he said we were “confusing causes.” Cleveland FIST is clear in that it does not endorse any candidate from the Democratic Party. Our literature contained the words: Stop the War Machine. Though the democratic bureaucracy on campus may be confused, this runs contrary to the program of the Democratic Party, which is a program of harsh imperialism.

In the speech, from which’s broadcast the FIST members were rudely ejected, Obama promised to raise the military budget and send MORE TROOPS to Afghanistan.

The issue of “confusing causes” is a talking point of the popular front. The campus democratic party bureaucracy is convinced that electing Barack Obama and stopping the U.S. war drive are somehow the same, but that the focus should be on the former, because emphasizing the later may alienate people from the goal of electing democrats.

They are dead wrong. Pro-War Republicans are not going to vote for Obama because they think he is just as much a war monger as Mccain. No one is going to be tricked into voting for Barack Obama by being convinced he is more right-wing than Mccain. Literature advertising a forum entitled “What’s Behind the U.S. War Drive” will not alienate anybody from electing Barack Obama.

The Democratic Party of Baldwin-Wallace College believes that they can trick people into voting for Barack Obama, and his “agenda to stop the war”, by abusing and neutering all leftist activity and create the illusion that Obama is not as radical as they think he is. What they fail to realize is that Barack Obama has no “Stop the War Agenda” , but rather an agenda tied to Imperialism and Reaction. Also, they fail to realize that any movement based on tricking people, and saying one thing and meaning the other, will fail at moving forward.

Nothing New for Democrats

The tradition of suppressing free speech is nothing new for the Democratic Party, especially not in recent history.

We can recall how the dogs sicked on civil rights activists in the 1950s were sent by leaders of the Democratic Party i.e. “Dixiecrat” establishment in the old segregated south. We can recall how COINTELPRO, the violent, free speech repressing wing of the FBI was in full practice under the administration of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. This government program carried out policies that lead to the death and suppression of various leftists and communists, as well as black revolutionaries and nationalists.

When the Ku Klux Klan murdered five members of the Communist Workers Party in 1979 in the infamous Greenboro Massacre, and a racist southern court found the Klansmen not guilty of the videotaped assassinations, Jimmy Carter, then President, refused to bring federal charges. It was later revealed that there was an FBI informer within the Klan at the time of the assassination, who pushed the Klan to carry out the murders.

President Bill Clinton presided over the attempted state murder of innocent man Mumia Abu Jamal. He even appeared on stage with Maureen Faulkner, widow of the man Mumia was accused of killing, showing sympathy for her cry for Mumia to be killed regardless of the mounds of evidence that Mumia is innocent of the murder. Clinton did not intervene to prevent the racist and anti-communist execution of Mumia. The democrats never intervene on the people’s defense. It was a movement of millions in the streets that prevented the execution, and keeps Mumia alive to this day.

The Presidential Campaign of John Kerry pushed all leftists from the ballot in the State of Ohio. In Ohio, if one wanted to vote for the Socialist Party, the Workers World Party, the Green Party, or the Socialist Equality Party, all of which had gathered enough petitions, one could not, because of the legal harassment by thug lawyers of the Democratic Party, who harassed the campaigns with excessive frivolous legal action.

Even Ralph Nader was removed from the ballot, after the ballots had already been printed. Every voting booth in Ohio contained signs reading “Votes for Nader Will Not be Counted.”

In Ohio in 2004, the electorate had the choice of voting for right-wingers, the Democrats and the Republicans, or fascists, the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party. These were only options thanks to the “Democratic” Party of Ohio.

No Surrender

The Democratic Party has failed to stop the crimes of U.S. Imperialism. The Democratic Party has failed to stop the attack on the working class. The Democratic Party likewise will fail in its assault on the Cleveland Chapter of Fight Imperialism – Stand Together, and its right to free speech.

FIST members continue to fight back against injustice. At all Obama events which we are able to attend, we will be there with literature distributing it, even if we are forced to do so outside of the event. Genuine Socialist Revolutionaries like FIST refuse to be forced to march lockstep behind Imperialist Parties like the Democrats. We will continue to let our voices be heard, regardless of the Democratic Party’s delusions that it will harm their credibility with imperialism.

We will be respectful. We will not disrupt events. We will not harass those who harass us. We will not attack the historic candidacy of Barack Obama and what it means to the nationally oppressed communities.

However, we will not be silent. While the Democratic Party’s agenda of imperialism may have succeeded in fooling some people in obedience, it has not fooled FIST members.

We will continue to fight back. We will stand up to all oppressors, Democrat or Republican, and we will make a revolution in this country.

Long Live the Struggle for a Better World!

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