Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stop FBI Terror - Protest Tuesday!

Friends and Comrades,

In response to the brutal and unjustified FBI raids on the homes of leader of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, a call for a day of protests around the country has been made for Tuesday, Sept. 28th.

On Tuesday, Sept. 28th, at 4:00, the Bail Out The People Movement, Workers World Party, Cleveland FIST, and the People's Fightback Center have called a protest.

We will begin at E. 9th and Lakeside in front of the Federal Building, at 4:00. We will march to the FBI office at 4:15.

We must not allow these attacks on progressive activists to continue.

Investigate Banksters, not Socialists!

Hand off Activists!

Down with FBI Terror!

An injury to one is an injury to all!

Jobs Not Jails!

Fighting for Justice is not a Crime!

Money For Schools, Homes, and Jobs, NOT FBI TERRORISM!

For info, call: 330-347-5473

or e-mail:

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